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10 Things To Consider When Drafting Your Remote Working Policy

By fiona kiely / July 3, 2020

Guest Post by Marie Murphy, Fort Privacy These days we are all talking about the “New Normal”. Whether we apply that to how we shop, or what’s happening in schools and creches or how the GAA is adapting to get people back playing games, there seems to be a general acceptance that for now at…

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Managing the Pandemic Scenario – 20 Things to Consider

By gerard joyce / April 14, 2020

It was one of those risks identified as Low Probability and High Consequences that everybody hoped wouldn’t come to pass “on my shift”. Well, a pandemic is here, and it’s serious.

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Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19) related Risk Assessments now available in the CalQRisk Knowledgebase

By fiona kiely / March 6, 2020

In response to customer requests from a number of sectors (many motivated by their regulator), we have added two new risks to the CalQRisk knowledgebase that address the threat presented by Coronavirus (COVID-19)…

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Don’t Panic… yet

By gerard joyce / February 4, 2020

Talk about timing. The trip to Boston was planned months ago. The research was completed before Christmas. The scenario was all planned… and then real life caught up.

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Webinar Series: Risk Management in the Public Sector

By fiona kiely / January 14, 2020

In this series of four 40 minute webinars CalQRisk Director of Risk Management, Gerard Joyce, will address the theory and practical application of the principles of the ISO31000 Enterprise Risk Management Standard in a Public Sector context…

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Webinar: Business Continuity – Building Resilience

By fiona kiely / September 23, 2019

In this 30 minute webinar we will discuss the importance of not only having a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place but of regularly testing and exercising it.

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Operation Yellowhammer – a Risk Assessment?

By paul obrien / September 16, 2019

Now available for public viewing, the “official sensitive” document that is HMG’s Operation Yellowhammer is a very realistic and comprehensive high-level risk assessment of a no-deal Brexit scenario…

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(Brexit) Risk is the Effect of (Brexit) Uncertainty on (CU) Objectives

By paul obrien / September 13, 2019

Brexit has generated a whole lot of uncertainty and the fallout from it embodies the very definition of risk. But one thing we can be sure of amid it all is that the impact on the Irish economy will be significant, deal or no deal…

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The ‘Brexit Risk’ to a Credit Union

By chris hanlon / October 9, 2018

What is the potential impact of Brexit on a credit union (CU)? To fully understand the question in risk terms, Brexit has to be viewed as an external context. Given the uncertainty surrounding the type of Brexit agreement that will actually materialise, let’s assume the worst-case and consider how that is likely to affect the…

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Risk Management and Strategic Planning

By gerard joyce / May 12, 2017

Not linking your organisation’s Risk Management efforts to its Strategic Planning is to pass up on the opportunity to increase the likelihood of your organisation being successful in achieving the objectives set out in its Strategic Plan. At a strategic level, there are two distinct stages at which risk must be actively managed. The first is during strategy development, when key decisions are being made on the direction the organisation is taking; the second is during the execution of the agreed strategy.

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