CalQRisk Meetings Module

The CalQRisk Meetings module is part of an integrated solution that allows you to organise and seamlessly manage your meetings in an efficient and secure manner.

Organisers and participants can easily access and manage meetings, information packs, minutes and tasks from any device.

Create meeting agendas and upload documentation in minutes. Invite relevant attendees at the click of a button. Attendees receive automatic emails notifying them that the documents are ready to read.

Attendees can view the documents for each agenda item in advance of the meeting as well as leaving notes against each agenda item.

Minutes can be logged in real-time and displayed to attendees (or kept private until the secretary is ready to circulate).
Tasks can be logged and tracked in the existing CalQRisk Tasks module.

Generate reports at the touch of a button - reports can show attendance at meetings, detailed meetings reports (including minutes, tasks, etc.) and much more. 

Key Benefits

Store and circulate meeting papers, agendas, minutes and tasks - all in the one secure platform

Record minutes in real-time

Follow the host and the progress of the agenda for each meeting as it occurs

Submit questions ahead of time 

Link documents and meeting packs 

Record attendances and absences with ease

No more printing or emailing

Generate meeting reports with ease

Fully integrated with the CalQRisk suite of modules, so you can assign tasks and monitor risks with ease

Connect Credit Union – Meetings Module

‟Overall, we find the CalQRisk Meeting module very beneficial and our board members have complimented how user friendly the features are. We went live with the meeting module in May 2023 and since then, we have noticed significant efficiencies with our meetings ‟

Halala Ahmadi

Head of Risk and Compliance

Manage Meetings from Any Device


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