About Us

CalQRisk was created to fill a void in the market. We identified the lack of integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions in the market. There were many software packages that did one or the other, but no software package seemed to satisfy all the needs of any potential clients they spoke to. As a result, CalQRisk was created.

Following on from several years of continuous development, CalQRisk is now the complete Governance, Risk & Compliance software, whether you’re an SME or a MNC. CalQRisk has now garnered international recognition in the Global Risk Awards as well as being shortlisted for several different awards in the GRC sector.

CalQRisk is led by a team of experienced professionals with over 100 years’ experience at C-Suite level. The Senior Leadership Team is backed up by a team with a wide range of skills including risk management, compliance, software implementation and software development.

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