Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Over the last two decades, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has evolved from being a theoretical concept to becoming a pivotal business practice embraced by many organisations. However, despite its success, ERM is not without its problems… nor its opponents.

Embedding a robust risk management framework throughout an organisation can be a challenging task – whether because of friction between departments in competition for budgets, or because these departments are operating in silos. Engaging all personnel from the C-Suite through to front-line operations can also prove problematic. Some people may think that, because they are not the Risk Manager, risk management is not their responsibility when the truth is, Risk Management ought to be the responsibility of everyone in the organisation.

Our Solutions


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CalQRisk is the solution

CalQRisk, the online Governance, Risk Management & Compliance software, is currently used by over 250 organisations to streamline their Risk Management efforts. The system is user-friendly, easy to implement and is backed up by our first-class support team.

The solution can be tailored to suit existing processes, or organisations can use our out-of-the-box solution to get their risk management programme up and running. Many organisations choose to use our maintained knowledge-base of risks and controls which allows them to benchmark their risk management efforts against relevant standards, regulation, and legislation.

Key Benefits

of using CalQRisk

Manage multiple risk registers in one place and aggregate them to form a holistic view across the company.

Generate useful reports at the touch of a button, whether at a high-level or drilled-down.

Receive automatic recommendations for improving your organisation’s risk and compliance position, based on your response to assessment questions.

Document and track actions arising from Audits, Risk Mitigation Programmes, etc.

Easily involve other stakeholders (and external vendors) in your efforts – using personalised to-do lists of tasks, risk assessments, control checks, compliance tests, etc.

Demonstrate your efforts readily to both internal and external stakeholders.

Trinitas Academy Trust

‟If you are looking for real risk management that will make a real difference to your organisation, choose CalQRisk.‟

Sam Luker

Operations Director

Atlantic Aviation Group

‟CalQRisk includes all the compliance and risk management tools our organisation requires to record, monitor, mitigate, analyse and measure the risks we’re exposed to. Embracing risk management, audit tracking, task tracking, incident reporting, accident reporting with associated messaging / reminder functionality and dashboard reporting our organisation is now better placed to detect corporate, occupational, technical and indeed enterprise risk exposure.‟

Joe Martin

QA Manager


‟CalQRisk is essential for any organisation that needs a risk management / compliance solution that will evolve with their business and provide them with the essential ingredients that will allow them manage their risks on an on-going basis.‟

Darrin Harty

Senior Risk & Compliance Manager