Risk Management For Charities

Public and regulatory scrutiny of the charity sector has increased greatly over the last several years. The introduction of the Charities Governance Code has seen the topics of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance make their way to the top of board agendas across the sector.
As well as GRC issues, there are countless other concerns for charities including health and safety, funding, data protection, and much more.


CalQRisk is the solution

CalQRisk, the online Governance, Risk Management & Compliance software features a tailored solution for registered charities. The system is user-friendly, easy to implement, and is backed up by our first-class support team. Regular feedback from our active user group influences the design and functionality of the solution, ensuring that it continues to satisfy the needs of your organisation.

Key Benefits

of using CalQRisk

It provides a knowledgebase of all the regulations, “musts and shoulds” which come with working in the not-for-profit sector.

It is integrated and modular, using the knowledge and experience of people within the organisation to holistically manage the governance, risk, and compliance efforts.

It includes multiple modules such as tasks and incidents which confirm the effectiveness of your controls and informs where improvement is possible.

It manages numerous, complex risk frameworks and registers and delivers a dynamic live dashboard.

The reporting outputs are instant and timely providing visibility for all stakeholders.

It systematically generates the Charities Governance Code Compliance Record Form complete with the evidencing requirements.

Paralympics Ireland

‟Understanding and managing the risks associated with operating a high-performance sporting organisation is vitally important. CalQRisk helps Paralympics Ireland to do this in an interactive and user-friendly way, we look forward to using the system in the coming months and years‟

Stephen McNamara

Chief Executive Officer