Housing Association Risk Management Solutions

In recent years, housing associations have experienced an increase in both public and regulatory scrutiny. The introduction of updated Governance Codes, along with the increasing amount of legislation and regulation, has meant that risk and compliance is rising to the top of agendas.

In navigating the minefield that is staying up to date with the expectations of regulators, housing associations must manage and control diverse matters across areas such as strategic risk, project risk, and health & safety, along with their day-to-day operational obligations.

CalQRisk is the solution

CalQRisk, the online Governance, Risk Management & Compliance software, features a tailored solution for housing associations.

The system is user-friendly, easy to implement and is backed up by our first-class support team. The solution allows housing associations record and manage risk assessments, assign and track tasks, maintain incident registers and much, much more.

Key Benefits

of using CalQRisk

Access to an always up-to-date knowledge-base of risk and compliance assessments.

Generate your risk & compliance reports at the touch of a button.

Maintain risk registers at different levels in the organisation, e.g. departmental, corporate, project, etc.

Receive automatic recommendations for improving risk and compliance position, based on your response to assessment questions. 

Maintain compliance breach registers, policy breach registers, etc.

Streamline your compliance and control monitoring programmes and report at the touch of a button.

Benchmark your organisation against governance codes, legislation and regulation

Our clients include...

Red Kite Housing

"With the CalQRisk solution, we are able to have a system in place to collate the risk information required into a single database, have complete overview to manage and monitor the risks with risk owners across the organisation, and provide constructive and fit-for-purpose reports to many key stakeholders in a shorter period of time”

Rola Haddad

Senior Internal Audit Specialist, Red Kite Housing