Third Party Management

CalQRisk Third Parties

CalQRisk provides a centralised approach to the oversight and management of your third party arrangements.

Whether you are outsourcing a business process or service, delegating a business function, or managing vendors, CalQRisk's Third Party module gives you the ability to manage each provider throughout the lifecycle of the business relationship.

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CalQRisk is the solution

CalQRisk, the online Governance, Risk Management & Compliance software, has a tailored solution that helps organisations with the oversight and management of their third and fourth parties. It is fully integrated with existing CalQRisk functionality, allowing you to create links from each party to relevant risks, tasks, business processes, and monitoring programmes.

Beginning with pre-onboarding due diligence, you can register, monitor, review, and report on a third party throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.

While the responsibility for the processes associated with third party activities may lie with a number of individuals - e.g. Operations, IT, Legal, etc. - CalQRisk allows each of them to document relevant information, resulting in a consolidated view of all third parties in a central location.

Key Benefits

of using CalQRisk

Conduct Due Diligence on Third Parties with custom, easy to use questionnaires.

Record and manage the risks associated with each third party.

Monitor adherence to Service Level Agreements and established KPIs.

Identify potential SLA breaches by recording and reporting on incidents and near-misses.

Demonstrate your monitoring and continuous oversight to senior management, board directors, regulators, and other relevant stakeholders.

Classify third parties by criticality or importance.

Create an Outsourcing Register at the touch of a button.