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10 Things You Need To Do If You Are Outsourcing an Activity

By chris hanlon / July 21, 2021

There is a growing trend towards organisations relying on outsourced service providers (OSPs) to deliver (often key) elements of their overall service. When you surrender service activities to a third party, how can you be certain that the OSP is operating to the standards you require? This can be of particular concern if your organisation…

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The Charitable Purpose – the Touchstone for the Organisation

By paul obrien / May 5, 2021

Many corporate mission statements are simply clever PR, designed to impress but not necessarily lived. Back in the days when it was safe to go to people’s offices for face-to-face meetings, I was always fascinated to see the Vision, Mission, and in some cases the Strategic Objectives of the organisation I was visiting on prominent display in their public spaces. Despite no specific evidence, I somehow felt that these organisations were more focused and internally harmonious, and I also got the strong impression that they were living their vision and mission.

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Charities Governance Code – Principle 4: Exercising Control… what’s that all about?

By fiona kiely / January 13, 2021

CalQRisk Analysis – Inside the Charities Governance Code
Just like any other organisation, charities are expected to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory obligations. And while the buck ultimately stops with the trustees of the charity, like it does with the board of directors in other organisations, a charity’s staff and volunteers also have key roles to play in ensuring compliance.

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CBI Thematic Review – Fund Management Companies’ Governance, Management & Effectiveness

By fiona kiely / November 11, 2020

CalQRisk Analysis – Central Bank of Ireland Thematic Review on Fund Management Companies’ Governance, Management and Effectiveness

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