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The Five Pillars of Operational Resilience

By gerard joyce / May 5, 2021

The Basel Committee (on Banking supervision) defines operational resilience as “the ability […] to deliver critical operations through disruption”. This could not be more succinct. Like all abilities it takes time and effort to get good at it. Here is a brief view of the key elements that collectively deliver resilience for an organization and where attention needs to be focused to ensure the ability and capabilities are developed.

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Webinar – Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering for Credit Unions

By fiona kiely / April 21, 2021

Webinar – Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering for Credit Unions We have teamed up with ID-Pal and Corrib Point to organise a CPD approved*, one-hour webinar on the Fundamentals of AML for Credit Unions. It will take place on Thursday May 13th @ 10.30am and cover the following topics: AML Risk Assessment – who, what, when, where, and why? Controls…

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10 Things you should know about Operational Resilience

By gerard joyce / April 9, 2021

10 Things you should know about Operational Resilience   Operational Resilience is the ability of an organisation to continue to deliver critical operations throughout a disruption. Operational Resilience does not replace Risk Management nor Business Continuity, it enhances them. Operational Resilience is an outcome of Risk Management, Information Security (including Cyber), Incident Management, Business Continuity,…

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Risk Appetite – what does ‘good’ look like?

By paul obrien / February 12, 2021

Risk Appetite – what does ‘good’ look like? Let’s begin with a definition of Risk Appetite. ISO 31000 (the international risk management standard) defines risk appetite as “the amount and type of risk that an organisation is prepared to pursue, retain or take”. Adding to this, we could say that risk appetite is the amount…

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Charities Governance Code – Principle 4: Exercising Control… what’s that all about?

By fiona kiely / January 13, 2021

CalQRisk Analysis – Inside the Charities Governance Code
Just like any other organisation, charities are expected to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory obligations. And while the buck ultimately stops with the trustees of the charity, like it does with the board of directors in other organisations, a charity’s staff and volunteers also have key roles to play in ensuring compliance.

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CBI Thematic Review – Fund Management Companies’ Governance, Management & Effectiveness

By fiona kiely / November 11, 2020

CalQRisk Analysis – Central Bank of Ireland Thematic Review on Fund Management Companies’ Governance, Management and Effectiveness

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Throwback Thursday

By fiona kiely / July 9, 2020

Our latest Newsletter gives you a chance to revisit some of our most popular GRC articles…

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10 Things To Consider When Drafting Your Remote Working Policy

By fiona kiely / July 3, 2020

Guest Post by Marie Murphy, Fort Privacy These days we are all talking about the “New Normal”. Whether we apply that to how we shop, or what’s happening in schools and creches or how the GAA is adapting to get people back playing games, there seems to be a general acceptance that for now at…

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Doing Control Testing in your Organisation?

By paul obrien / June 22, 2020

With an increased focus on controls (and their effectiveness) from regulators, boards, auditors, and other stakeholders, can you demonstrate that your key controls are operating as intended? Many organisations are guilty of having controls on their risk register but not doing much else with them aside from waiting on the risk to crystalize or for…

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Webinar Series: Applied Risk Management

By fiona kiely / April 16, 2020

Whether you are a General Manager or a Risk Manager, now is a challenging time to be effective, when many (if not all) employees are working from home. In this webinar we will take a look at some ideas to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and the lockdown. We will also look at some ways to improve communication and collaboration while working remotely.

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