What is CalQRisk?

What we do

CalQRisk is a fully integrated and end-to-end Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) management information system. It features Risk Assessment, Action Management, Incident Management and Complaints Management modules; Control Verification, Compliance Estimation and Audit functionality; as well as configurable Calendars, an interactive Executive-Level Dashboard and a large suite of exportable reports. CalQRisk represents an affordable solution for companies of all sizes.

Central to all of this is the CalQRisk knowledgebase of risks and associated controls that informs the Risk Assessment and other elements of CalQRisk. We continually maintain the knowledgebase in line with changes in Best Practice, Industry Standards and evolving Legal and Regulatory requirements, giving you the peace of mind that you can continue to ask the right questions and the confidence that your risk and compliance position remains appropriately aligned with the organisation’s stated objectives and risk appetite.

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