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What is CalQRisk?

CalQRisk is an all-in-one modular governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solution that is functional from day one

It has a proven track record of streamlining processes and reporting for our clients.

CalQRisk helps organisations assess and identify potential risks that may affect their operations. It can facilitate the collection and analysis of data related to various types of risks, such as financial, operational, compliance and strategic risks.

At the fundamental core of the system is integration. All modules share a common database and integrate with each other which creates a complete 360-degree review of the organisations risk management function.

Award-Winning Software Solution


‟CalQRisk is essential for any organisation that needs a risk management / compliance solution that will evolve with their business and provide them with the essential ingredients that will allow them manage their risks on an on-going basis.‟

Darrin Harty

Head of Risk & Compliance

Centaur Fund Services

‟CalQRisk allows us to demonstrate and operate a sound governance and risk management framework‟

Tracy Tookey

Head of Risk & Compliance

Trinitas Academy Trust

‟ Having tried other approaches to managing our risk registers, we settled for a system that produces a real life risk register, meaningfully constructed with the confidence that the knowledgebase in the system would help keep us compliant in all key areas. The system is user friendly and the support from the CalQRisk team is outstanding. If you are looking for real risk management that will make a real difference to your organisation, choose CalQRisk. ‟

Sam Luker

Operations Director