CalQRisk GDPR has been designed specifically to manage the risks associated with data management under the forthcoming, pan-European General Data Protection Regulations. CalQRisk identifies the risks inherent in establishing structures for compliance as well as the operational risks faced by a data controller and data processor and it has the built-in ability to conduct data protection risk assessments on individual data sets.

CalQRisk GDPR is an ideal tool for the Data Protection Officer – it helps to ensure the lawful gathering and processing of data along with the proper management of data use, data retention, privacy protection, data access requests, etc. It embodies the A to Z of data protection and references GDPR requirements directly from the relevant control questions.

CalQRisk GDPR can be coupled with the Cybersecurity framework because much of the effort to safeguard personal data incorporates defence against cyber-crime and unintended loss or corruption.

If your organisation is one that must comply with the GDPR then CalQRisk GDPR is for you.

It asks all the right questions, allowing you to build a platform from which to manage data sets and ensure compliance

It embeds the principles of the rights of the data subject into the operations and culture of the organisation 

It facilitates the management of your external data processors 

It clearly displays your governance, risk and compliance position on a centralised management dashboard 

It engages the whole organisation in the data protection effort 

It provides demonstrable evidence of your compliance effort to regulators and other interested stakeholders 

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