The General Data Protection Regulation is set to become law across the European Union on the 25th of May 2018. The regulation gives more legislative weight to the rights and freedoms of the individual to exercise more control over their personal information. In response to this new regulatory environment, CalQRisk has developed a GDPR Risk & Compliance module that will inform and assist you on your journey to addressing the compliance, reputational and financial risks to your organisation arising from a failure to comply with those obligations

You need to conduct a data audit to understand the data you have and what you are doing with it. CalQRisk is a cloud-based software that will assist you in conducting risk assessments and gap analyses – examining the data protection arrangements you have in place today and comparing them against those that you will be expected to have in place when the GDPR comes into force on 25th May 2018. CalQRisk will also assist you in managing the many tasks you will need to complete in order to become GDPR compliant by the implementation date and to stay compliant beyond it.

CalQRisk asks all the right questions, allowing you to build a platform from which to manage data sets and ensure compliance

CalQRisk embeds the principles of the rights of the data subject into the operations and culture of the organisation 

CalQRisk facilitates the management of your external data processors 

CalQRisk clearly displays your governance, risk and compliance position on a centralised management dashboard 

CalQRisk engages the whole organisation in the data protection effort 

CalQRisk provides demonstrable evidence of your compliance effort to regulators and other interested stakeholders 

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