Our Partners

Carne is one of the leading providers of independent governance and distribution support for the asset management industry. Carne work with many of the most respected names in traditional and alternative fund management, helping them to meet their oversight and reporting objectives in an increasingly complex regulatory world. Around the world, we help our clients to put in place the governance and reporting frameworks they need to build successful asset management businesses. Carne enjoy strong relationships with the investor community and with a wide network of service providers and can advise our clients on best practice. Carne are recognised as a thought leader and developer of innovative solutions that help fund managers meet their operational objectives.

Equis Consulting have been providing transformational technology and training for schools for fourteen years and are also a sales and support partner for CalQRisk Education in the UK. The aim of this partnership is to promote the highest standards of governance, risk management and compliance in the UK education sector.

Piercom is an innovative information technology company which provides a number of services and solutions to clients across the aviation, industrial engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors, in areas such as information integration, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. With over twenty years’ experience in advanced technology innovation, the company combines its knowledge of product design, supply-chain reasoning and manufacturing to guide its clients towards improved efficiency and competitiveness.