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Conducting a risk assessment on an outsourced service provider/contractor

February 8th, 2023 10:30am

Many organisations choose to outsource critical functions or services to third parties/contractors. However, outsourcing the work does not outsource the responsibility. Globally, in many industries, regulators have now taken a keen interest in how organisations outsource critical activities and who they outsource to.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll explore the following –
- When to conduct a risk assessment
- What should be in my risk assessment?
- Risk Assessment vs Ongoing Due Diligence
- Demonstrating/Reporting
- Q&A

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AHBRA Standards & Guidelines

The Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority (AHBRA) recently published guidance documents relating to their four standards for Irish Housing Associations.

The guidance documents aim to assist housing bodies in better understanding the requirements of each standard as well as providing advice on how to demonstrate compliance.

We discuss these guidance documents further and what your organisation can do now to ensure compliance going forward.

In this free webinar, we cover –
- The requirements of each standard
- What should you be doing now?
- How to demonstrate compliance
And much more!

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Reporting to The Board/Audit and Risk Committee for Housing Associations

Clarity in risk reports provides Boards and committees with useful information with which they can effectively monitor the risk profile of the organisation and facilitate the right discussion; they also give an insight into the robustness of the risk management process. 

In this webinar, we'll explore the following: 

  • Risk Registers - How many risks? What level of detail? Operational Vs. Strategic 
  • Board of Directors Vs Audit & Risk Committee – who should get what?  
  • Trends in the Housing Sector - What has changed? What should you include? 
  • What other risk information should I report? 
  • Reporting Frequency - What to include monthly, quarterly and annually 


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How to Conduct a Third-Party Assessment

Thursday, July 14th 10:30am

Globally, organisations are worrying more and more about their third parties and the outsourcing arrangements they may have in place. We've seen outages, breaches and much more - all linked back to different third parties that organisations depend on.

As part of our series of webinars on outsourcing / third-party management, we’re hosting a free, 45-minute webinar on how to conduct a third-party risk assessment. In this webinar, we’ll focus on –

  • Difference between risk assessment and due diligence
  • A risk-based approach
  • When to conduct a risk assessment
  • What should the risk assessment cover?
  • Evidencing and reporting
  • Q&A
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Fundamentals of Outsourcing/Third Party Management

Increasingly, organisations are depending on third-party service providers to deliver their business-critical services and globally, we’re now seeing regulators introducing rules around outsourcing.

Regardless of the regulatory environment that you operate in, robust third-party management is good for your organisation.

In this webinar, we’ll focus on –

• What is Third Party Management?
• What does ‘Good’ look like?
• Case Study – hear from Brendan McGrath, Group Director - Risk and Audit with Centaur Fund Services on how they manage their third parties
• Using CalQRisk to manage Third Parties - a brief demonstration
• Q&A


Cybersecurity for Senior Management and Risk Officers

Cybersecurity is an enterprise-wide challenge. You will not be secure if you believe this is just an IT problem.

Join us on this free 45-minute webinar if you want to learn the key elements of managing cybersecurity within your organisation. In this session we will cover:

- What is Cybersecurity
- What are Risk Management and Senior Manager's responsibilities?
- Standards and Guidelines of Cybersecurity
- Elements of Cybersecurity – the NIST Approach
- How to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover
- Reporting to and Assuring the Board.
- Solutions to help you manage Cybersecurity as a manager

Quality control

Risk Management in the Public Sector

During this 1 hour free webinar, we will cover all the core elements relating to risk management for the Public Sector.

We will be joined by guest speaker Aidan Horan, Director in the consultancy, training and development directorate at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) who will speak on the topic of “Risk Management - Contemporary Topics”.

In this session we will discuss:
• What is Risk Management?
• Roles and Responsibilities
• The Risk Management Process
• Risk Criteria / Risk Appetite
• Code of Practice for Governance of State Bodies
• “Risk Management - Contemporary Topics” with Aidan Horan (IPA).
• Solutions for Risk Management in the Public Sector


Outsourcing Governance Frameworks

Globally, many regulators have introduced regulations around the outsourcing of critical functions and the dependencies on key service providers. We’ve seen several sanctions over the last few years – most recently, the Central Bank of Ireland fined BNY Mellon Fund Services over €10 million for regulatory breaches relating to outsourcing.

An Outsourcing Governance Framework is key to ensuring you’re effectively managing any risks your firm is exposed to, as well as satisfying any relevant regulatory obligations. In this 45 minute webinar, we’ll cover the following –

- What is an Outsourcing Governance Framework?
- What should be in your Outsourcing Governance Framework?
- The different stakeholders involved
- Q&A
- And much more

Global points

GDPR - 4 Years Later. What has changed?

It's now been four years since the GDPR came into force, but what has actually changed? We've seen court cases, fines, challenges, and moreover that four-year period. In this 45-minute webinar, we'll explore the following:
• Has anything changed since GDPR came into force?
• Geopolitical landscape – Brexit, Privacy Shield, etc.
• Developments in the supervisory regime
• Information security – what are “appropriate technical and organisational measures”?
• What's coming down the road?
• Q&A