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The Charitable Purpose – the Touchstone for the Organisation

By paul obrien / May 5, 2021

Many corporate mission statements are simply clever PR, designed to impress but not necessarily lived. Back in the days when it was safe to go to people’s offices for face-to-face meetings, I was always fascinated to see the Vision, Mission, and in some cases the Strategic Objectives of the organisation I was visiting on prominent display in their public spaces. Despite no specific evidence, I somehow felt that these organisations were more focused and internally harmonious, and I also got the strong impression that they were living their vision and mission.

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Risk Appetite – what does ‘good’ look like?

By paul obrien / February 12, 2021

Risk Appetite – what does ‘good’ look like? Let’s begin with a definition of Risk Appetite. ISO 31000 (the international risk management standard) defines risk appetite as “the amount and type of risk that an organisation is prepared to pursue, retain or take”. Adding to this, we could say that risk appetite is the amount…

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Doing Control Testing in your Organisation?

By paul obrien / June 22, 2020

With an increased focus on controls (and their effectiveness) from regulators, boards, auditors, and other stakeholders, can you demonstrate that your key controls are operating as intended? Many organisations are guilty of having controls on their risk register but not doing much else with them aside from waiting on the risk to crystalize or for…

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Operation Yellowhammer – a Risk Assessment?

By paul obrien / September 16, 2019

Now available for public viewing, the “official sensitive” document that is HMG’s Operation Yellowhammer is a very realistic and comprehensive high-level risk assessment of a no-deal Brexit scenario…

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(Brexit) Risk is the Effect of (Brexit) Uncertainty on (CU) Objectives

By paul obrien / September 13, 2019

Brexit has generated a whole lot of uncertainty and the fallout from it embodies the very definition of risk. But one thing we can be sure of amid it all is that the impact on the Irish economy will be significant, deal or no deal…

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Outsourcing, Due Diligence and Dependencies

By paul obrien / July 15, 2019

Outsourcing is, for many organisations, the only way to access some services. Nowadays businesses simply cannot be so integrated that they can do everything themselves. There is a reasonable assumption that some outsourced service providers (OSPs) are best in class and the experts in their fields but…

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Europe will miss the enormous regulatory input of the UK after Brexit

By paul obrien / January 31, 2019

Europe will miss the enormous regulatory input of the UK after Brexit Throughout the debacle that was the Brexit campaign much of the Leave rhetoric suggested that getting out from under the rules imposed by EU legislation was one of the three big reasons to vote leave… remember the one about the “bendy bananas”? The…

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