Retail Intermediary

CalQRisk Broker is a Governance, Risk & Compliance software specifically tailored for Retail Intermediaries in Ireland. CalQRisk is populated with a comprehensive knowledgebase of risks that impact a broker’s business and the controls that must, should or could be in place to mitigate them. Conduct risks, Cybersecurity risks, Data Protection risks and the compliance requirements of the Consumer Protection Code, Minimum Competency Code, etc. are all featured in the knowledgebase. This enables users to quickly establish a Risk Register and to view their organisation’s current compliance position.

  • CalQRisk is essential for any organisation that needs a risk management / compliance solution that will evolve with their business and provide them with the essential ingredients that will allow them manage their risks on an on-going basis.

    Darrin Harty
    Senior Risk & Compliance Manager, Invesco Ltd
  • CalQRisk stands out as a system which has all the areas covered leaving nothing out when it comes to helping a company become or maintain an acceptable level of compliance within the industry. We considered using an external compliance company but have found that CalQRisk has been able to fill this gap for us without the additional costs of an independent company or advisor.
    I would highly recommend CalQRisk to any company who is considering looking at the compliance process within their company.

    Stephen Brack
    Director, O’Loughlin Insurance Group

Highlights non-compliance issues

Gives a real-time view of the organisation’s Risk & Compliance position

Saves time and money by introducing an integrated approach to the management of Risk & Compliance

Tracks evidence of continuous improvement

Brings certainty, consistency and completeness to your GRC efforts

Provides documented evidence of the organisation’s efforts in assessing and managing Risk & Compliance

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