Every Enterprise has Risk that Boards and Senior Leadership manage.

CalQRisk Enterprise addresses the governance, risk and compliance issues of any enterprise at senior level. The risks which must be managed by the leadership on a continuing basis are those that threaten the objectives of the enterprise.

Connecting the strategy set by the leadership to the operational objectives the senior team work to achieve, CalQRisk Enterprise aligns the risk framework with the objectives and accesses a vast knowledgebase of risks and controls to allow you to drive how the identified risks are being managed.

In every enterprise one of the key objectives will be to comply with all the relevant legislation and regulation. The knowledgebase of CalQRisk contains the controls that must be in place to comply with a vast range of regulation and legislation, completing a risk assessment produces an instant view of how the organisation measures up the compliance requirements.

The system is an integrated business excellence tool and features allow users to treat issues that require treatment and to monitor the effectiveness of the measures put in place to control those risks. A variety of detailed reports can be used to evidence the organisation’s risk management / compliance efforts while the Dashboard gives Directors and Senior Managers a comprehensive view of the organisation’s risk and compliance profile in real time.

Connects the strategic objectives with the operational outcomes by joining up the governance risk and compliance effort on a single intuitive platform

Substitutes wondering with factual data

Gives leaders the insight needed to ask the right probing questions

Informs better decision making

Provides comprehensive evidence of the organisations GRC management efforts to satisfy regulatory requirements

Drives continuous improvement in the GRC KPI’s

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