CalQRisk-Cybersecurity is an integrated solution for the effective management of cyber risk. The product includes a vast knowledgebase of controls organisations of different sizes and resources must, should or could have in place to protect them for the impact of cyber crime or the accidental or deliberate loss or compromise of the organisations data. Applying the fundamental principles of risk management to your IT environment CalQRisk Cybersecurity will test how you manage the technology, the people, the operating environment and your business continuity arrangements.

With all the functionality of CalQRisk this knowledgebase includes the compliance requirements of many key IT security standards and it puts the responsibility for the assessment and monitoring of the controls into the hands of those who “own” them. Many organisations outsource aspects of their IT and the software allows you to manage the providers, ensuring that they have the controls in place to safeguard your data and/or infrastructure.

Increasingly we see the Cybersecurity module used in conjunction with the GDPR module of CalQRisk and would be happy to demonstrate how they are integrated into a complete package which encourages joined up thinking across departments.

A structured and efficient system that simplifies the process of checking that cybersecurity arrangements, internal and outsourced, are as good as they can be

Identifies potential weaknesses in the controls

Assists in embedding good information security practices in the culture of the organisation

Provides real time management information on the effectiveness of your IT controls

Helps IT professionals achieve or retain key international cybersecurity standards

Provides data to better inform investment or resource allocation decisions

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