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An integrated solution for the management of Governance, Risk & Compliance

CalQRisk Education will help to:

  • Align the expectations of Governance, Educational and Operational Excellence with the objectives of the Academy or School;
  • Facilitate the demonstration of effective risk control to both the Governing Body and relevant supervisory authorities (i.e. Ofsted, etc.);
  • Assist in the establishment of sound internal control, risk management and assurance processes as required, for example, by the EFA’s Academies Financial Handbook;
  • Enable access to a rich repository of risks and associated controls within the CalQRisk Education knowledgebase;
  • Provide a complete and consistent real-time view of the risk, compliance and safeguarding status across the organisation;
  • Create confidence within the Governing Body and executive management that all key risks have been identified and are being effectively mitigated;
  • Embed Risk Management in the organisation and thereby fulfil a cost effective ‘virtual’ risk management function within the Academy or School;
  • Enhance Operational Risk Management processes – driving continuous improvement and reducing costs and potential operational losses;

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CalQRisk Education

calqrisk-educationCalQRisk Education is a browser based organisation-wide Risk Management application specifically tailored to facilitate the management of risk in an Academy or School.

Governance, Risk management and Compliance is becoming ever more complex for Academy and School leadership teams and the time taken to manage these issues is ever increasing. There is a growing demand to demonstrate the activity and effort undertaken. Add to this to the routine risk and hazard management a school must conduct on a daily basis and the need for effective systems becomes obvious. Good Governance and Compliance are logical outcomes of effective Risk Management

CalQRisk Education enables the effective management of risk across the organisation. Based on the principles of ISO31000 risk management standard, it brings clarity, consistency and certainty to the effort.

CalQRisk Education

CalQRisk Education addresses the risk concerns which the Academy or School leadership has to manage on a continuing basis and the detail of keeping the school community safe. Whether the risks lie in failure of the admissions process, shortfall in funding, safeguarding of pupils or staff motivation, CalQRisk Education presents them for assessment and manages issues identified in the assessment process through to completion.

CalQRisk helps Academies and Schools to identify the risks, treat those that need treatment and monitor the effectiveness of the controls in place to minimise the risks to the whole school community. Risk Management is everybody’s responsibility, the reputation of the Academy or School is dependent on all the functions, facilities and people associated with them, working together to provide the best educational outcomes possible.

Risk Treatment

Risk Treatment is supported by the Action Manager module through which tasks are assigned to individuals, given a priority and due-date. The Action Manager module facilitates the management of tasks to completion and includes reminder / overdue notifications and escalation of uncompleted tasks. Completed tasks can be reflected in the Risk Assessment and the revised residual risk calculation is immediately updated. Risk Registers always show the most current position with regard to risk.

Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and Review of risks is supported with a suite of Risk and Task reports which provide a comprehensive view of the current status, actions completed and actions in progress to address risk. User-definable Risk Dashboards ensure that relevant, current information is available to users in a meaningful format.